• Open for Day Visitors / Alms Round. Although state and local COVID-19 restrictions have been mostly lifted, the monastery is still taking precautions to protect the Sangha and those in residence. Visitors are asked to wear masks, and remain outside the buildings. Morning visitors may sit outside the sala and still hear the Dhamma talk and participate in the chanting. Food offerings are welcome, but at this time we are still asking visitors to observe the almsround from a distance.
  • Closed to Overnight Visitors. Due to the pandemic the Monastery is still closed to overnight visitors, and we are still not taking reservations for visits. The monastery is working on a plan and a timetable for reopening, and as soon as there is a change in policy it will be posted here.
  • Dhamma Talks
    • English. While there are no group sitting meditations for visitors at the monastery, Ajaan Geoff is still giving Dhamma talks every evening in English, and recordings of them are being uploaded to and youtube almost daily.
    • Please also visit the Friends of Wat Metta Facebook page for Ajaan Geoff’s schedule of Zoom lectures and retreats.
    • Thai. He is also giving Dhamma talks in Thai a few times a week, and those are being uploaded to and youtube as well.

  about the Monastery

You’ll find some general information on this page. More will be added soon.

  get directions

The most reliable way to get to the Monastery is by using the Google map or the Monastery’s map.

Make sure to heed the warning about using your GPS.

  day visits

This page has information on the alms round, the daily schedule, and some guidance about spending the day.

  news & events

  • There is now an upcoming events page,
  • a calender showing uposatha days, pujas, somkran and kathina, and
  • a news blog with news and announcements.

  overnight visits

This page links to a lot of information on making a reservation, how to get here, the daily schedule, what to bring, the weather, etc.

If you’re not already familiar with this site, it has a huge amount of free Dhamma from the Thai Forest Tradition and the Pali Canon translated, written or spoken by Thanissaro Bhikku.


How to contact the Monastery, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, or the website administrator.

  photo galleries

There’s a new gallery of photos from last year’s Kathina.