Airport shuttles, etc.

Airport Shuttle Services

Apparently there are no more shuttle services running from the San Diego Airport, having been put out of business by Uber and Lyft (see below).

Uber & Lyft

Not knowing much about Uber or Lyft, a lot of money probably could be saved by taking the plentiful express buses from the San Diego Airport to the Escondido Transit Center, and arranging an Uber or Lyft from there to the Monastery.

Car Rental

Oftentimes this is the cheapest option next to public transport, especially for stays of a week or less.


Guests have done it, but a shuttle will be cheaper.

More info

Any Monastery guests who wish to contact the website administrator with tales of particularly good or bad experiences in arriving or leaving, with particulars such as names, prices and times, that information will be shared on these pages for future travelers.