Daily schedule

5:30 ‒ 6:35

Morning meditation

After a few minutes of chanting, the monk plays a recorded Dhamma talk at the beginning of the hour’s meditation.

6:45 ‒ 8:30

Morning chores

Ask one of the long-term guests what would be helpful.


Alms round

The monks walk on their alms round down the road to the kitchen area where the laypeople put rice in their bowls.


The monks’ meal

The rest of the food brought or cooked by the laypeople is offered to the monks at the sala


Morning chanting

After offering the meal the laypeople perform the morning chanting. On Sundays the senior monk leads the laypeople in chanting the ceremony for taking the Five Precepts.


The laypeople’s meal

The laypeople have a potluck meal at the kitchen area.

10:00 ‒ 11:00


Cleanup after the meal.

11:00am ‒ 4:00pm

The afternoon

Each visitor is assigned an individual sitting platform and walking path in the orchard, and is free to structure the time for walking or sitting meditation, study or resting as he or she sees fit.

4:00 ‒ 4:30

Q & A

A question and answer session with Taan Ajaan Geoff about the Dhamma and meditation practice.

4:30 ‒ 6:00

Afternoon chores

The monks or the long-term guests will let you know what would be helpful. If you have special skills make sure to let them know.

7:00 ‒ 8:20

Evening meditation

The evening session consists of about 20 minutes of chanting followed by an hour’s meditation. Taan Ajaan Geoff usually gives a Dhamma talk with meditation instructions for the first 10 or 20 minutes of the sit.

8:20 ‒ bedtime


The rest of the night is free for walking or sitting meditation, study, or resting.


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