Day visits

You don’t need permission

The Monastery is open every day, year-round to day visitors. It is not necessary to call for permission to visit. The most important facts for day visitors to know are listed below. More information can be found under monastery etiquette.

The alms round

The monks’ alms round is at 8:30am every day. If you are running late, the last chance to offer food to the monks is 9:00am at the sala (Meditation Hall). This is the only meal of the day. If you arrive after 9:00am, the resident laypeople can receive the food, store it overnight and offer it to the monks the next day.

Spending the day

Visitors are welcome to participate in the daily activities of the Monastery. Alternatively, you are welcome to spend the day meditating in the sala or on the platforms and walking paths in the avocado orchard. The abbot answers questions on meditation and the Dhamma in the afternoon. (Look for the time of the Q & A on the daily activities page; it varies subject to daylight savings time.) Day visitors are not required to observe the Eight Precepts while at the Monastery, only the (first) Five of them.

Dhamma books

There are books and mp3 CDs on meditation and Buddhism in the sala. These are completely free of charge. Take what you think might be useful for you or your family and friends. Most of the books and recordings are also freely available to download at