Mental preparation


Meditation instruction at Metta Forest Monastery follows the teachings of Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo, a disciple of Ajaan Mun of the Thai Forest Tradition. If you wish to get a head start with these meditation techniques, please experiment with the following materials.

Keeping the Breath in Mind

The chapter “Method 2” in Ajaan Lee’s Keeping the Breath in Mind contains the fundamental meditation technique. Also, the chapter on jhana is very useful for context, and the Dhamma talks are excellent for getting a feel for applying the technique in meditation.

With Each & Every Breath

With Each & Every Breath is Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s recent guide on breath meditation based on Ajaan Lee’s Method 2. It aims to be both accessible and comprehensive, and should give any meditator lots of useful ideas to experiment with.

Dhamma talks

Many of Thanissaro Bhikkhu’s transcribed Dhamma talks are available in the Meditations series of eBooks. Literally thousands of Mp3 recordings of his talks are available at Newcomers might find some of the talk series compiled by theme, such as the Basics collection, the Guided Meditations or the Seven Factors for Awakening, to be more approachable entry points.