GPS/MapQuest warning

Most gps devices don’t work

Most gps devices give wrong directions to the Monastery. Some first-time visitors have driven around lost for hours because of this. Usually the device tells you to take Lilac Road to McNally Road, but in the real world Lilac and McNally don’t meet.

If you want to use your gps anyway, don’t follow any directions to Lilac Road. Instead enter “Cole Grade Road” as your first destination. Only after arriving at Cole Grade Road should you enter “13560 Muutama Lane.” This should work, but no guarantees.

Other gps devices tell you you’ve arrived at the Monastery when you’re still a few miles out on Muutama Lane. In this case, just keep going down the hill until you see the Metta sign.

MapQuest doesn’t work

MapQuest and other internet services still give bad directions to the Monastery just like the gps devices. Google Maps is the only one that gives good directions regardless of the point of origin.