The Ride Share Board

About the Board

The Ride-share Board was created by friends of the Monastery. The idea is that guests will use the board to carpool or solicit and offer rides to and from the Monastery. Maybe this won’t be as successful here as it has for retreat centers where 50 or 100 guests all arrive the same day. So far there hasn’t been much activity on the board, but if it gained some momentum it could prove very useful.


For example, if someone living in Irvine were planning on driving to the Monastery on a certain date, they would post the date and time on the Board, and someone reasonably close by would post a response saying they would like a ride. Or you could look for a ride on certain dates and see if anybody offers a ride. Once contact is made the rest of the arrangements would be made by email presumably, and any particulars like gas money are up to the driver and rider.

The Board

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Legal responsibility

The Ride-share Board is independent of the Monastery, and the Monastery takes no legal responsibility for it.