Monastery Etiquette


Dress conservatively. Casual and comfortable is fine, but no shorts, and nothing provocative or revealing. This applies to both sexes.

The monks

Please avoid the monks’ area of Monastery where their huts are. There are small, yellow signs posted at some of the points of entry into the monks’ section. If you’re not sure, ask a monk or a long term guest for guidance.

Guests are asked to be supportive of the Vinaya rules that the monks follow. When interacting with the monks they might alert you to certain protocols or restrictions. First, be respectful of their requests. Second, they do not expect the laypeople to know all the Vinaya rules and will be happy to explain them to you, time permitting. If you want to learn more about the monks’ rules, you can download and peruse the eBook version of the Buddhist Monastic Code.

Right Speech

The Monastery is not a place for total silence. Vistors are encouraged to be quiet to perpetuate an atmosphere conducive to meditating. However, there are certain chores to be done and cooperation necessary among the guests, so some speech is necessary. The Buddha taught the principle of Right Speech. Before speaking ask yourself: Is it true? Is it useful? Is it the right time?

The orchard

Please don’t pick fruit in the orchard without first getting permission from one of the monks.