Public transport


The advice given here is not necessarily complete and current. Do your own research to confirm the routes and prices listed here. The most highly recommended website is the San Diego Metro Transit System, which has a very useful trip planner page. Apparently, if you punch in the Valley Center Library as the destination, the planner puts out a good itinerary. You might also try “13560 Muutama Lane”, the Monastery’s street address.

Public transport in San Diego (trains or buses) requires exact change or a Compass card. You can get a Compass card from some bus ticket machines in downtown San Diego.


There are commuter trains going north and south along the coast called the Coaster. It’s $17.00 (they want exact change) from the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego to the city of Oceanside where you can pick up a spur line called the Sprinter to the Escondido Transit Center in the city of Escondido. This run is $2.00. These seem to be part of the San Diego Metro Transit System, and you can get the schedules and prices from the San Diego Metro Transit System website. See “the 992” below for getting to the Santa Fe Depot from the airport, and see “the 388 or 389” below for getting from the Escondido Transit Center to Valley Center.


The public buses here are run by the San Diego Metro Transit System and the North County Transit District. Please double-check the below information to make sure it’s still up to date.

The routes that come into play should be:

Airport to Downtown San Diego: the 992

The 992 gets you from the San Diego Airport to the Santa Fe Depot, which is San Diego’s downtown public transport hub. It’s about a 10 minute ride and runs every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends.

Downtown San Diego to Escondido: the 235 or 280

The 235 and 280 both go from San Diego to the Escondido Transit Center. The 280 is a commuter route that goes more rapidly than the 235, but only if you catch it very early or late in the day.

Escondido to Valley Center: the 388

The 388 goes from Escondido to Valley Center and departs every two hours. Jump off at the corner of Valley Parkway and Cole Grade Road.

Valley Center to the Monastery: the Kindness of Strangers

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the corner of Valley Parkway and Cole Grade Road, as far as public transport will get you. And you’re only 8.3 miles from the Monastery! You can’t reasonably get a taxi from Valley Center though, as it would have to come from Escondido first. But if you can get this far, the Monastery will try to arrange for someone to pick you up. Explain your situation when making a reservation. As the Monastery depends on volunteers for this, it’s not always possible, and some flexibility is helpful. Make sure to call the Monastery’s general number (619-813-8461) at least a few days before your ETA in Valley Center to confirm your ride.